Power Dreams


Dad was shot. Some amalgamation of both dads was shot for some reason. Either before or after, we sit together and he tells me I will have to tell that story alone. Suddenly, he rises and says, "Okay, NOW." And then I know in a flash that all my parents are gone and I feel the responsibility weigh heavy on me. I think, "Now I am a woman. I am all alone and must be strong like my parents before me." I am terrified.

I woke up to the rain outside.


Me and seven to ten men have a plan to steal lots of money somehow. Through our work, maybe. The plan is foolproof- 100%, we are convinced. We open some hatch, leave only empty boxes, and leave. Gleeful and laughing. It will be months before they find out.
As we leave, there are telltale signs that something is amiss. Police had been called in last night for no discernible reason. Could be for anything, we reassure ourselves. We leave in a suburban. Are cops following? When we get back, we know we've been discovered. But how?! Cops surround the house. We lock all doors, try to barricade the doors. Someone is hitting the lock with a hammer to get it jam locked. It feels like a lost cause. We talk about that while the cops are busting the front door in. At one point, a cop gets inside, but does nothing.
Then, through the window, M and his mom arrive on what I assume is M's new motorcycle. They are both wearing gas masks, which makes a lot of sense to me. They dismount, but M rides down the road. Thinking the game is up anyway, a close friend and I leave the house through a side door that we'd forgotten about, to meet M down the street, down the hill. He is smiling. We talk briefly and then realize the cops don't see us. The two of us convicts began to jog into the woods ahead. It is redwoods, eucalyptus, lakes and green open areas. Along the way, we meet A, who joins us. We cross rivers to make them lose our trail. A starts yelling a bit. My friend and I get nervous- he tells her to be quiet, to which she doesn't respond well. More yelling. She yells that her hip hurts. I decide to not tell her to be quiet, and ask her about her pain. She tells me about it. I ask if it is tendon pain, told her about my sciatica. She says, "Thanks for listening to me," and so on and she doesn't yell anymore.
We think we hear dogs. Nervous. But we still think we can get away. Suddenly, lots of people are with us, and we are walking casually to go play some golf. I admit concern with being discovered, and we decide to postpone. My last thought before waking is if we will still be able to get far enough away...


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