Spoon Editors

Currently the editors of the Spoon Café Journal include:
The job of a Spoon editor is kind of like a cross between cheerleader, air traffic controller, secretary, and bouncer. Here's what the Spoon editors do:
  1. Help Spoon become a kickass literary journal that readers can rely on for great stories
  2. Help Spoon reliably receive high-quality short works
  3. Ensure that Spoon contributions have a flavor of what distinguishes Spoon from other literary collections
  4. Increase the breadth of Spoon contributions to represent an interesting cross-section of the human experience
  5. Help guide the future direction of Spoon
  6. Brainstorm interesting new efforts, e.g., a periodical best-of, editor's picks, etc
  7. Review submissions of potential contributors and help decide if they are right for Spoon
  8. Give new contributors access to the web and email list versions of Spoon
  9. Promote spoon to the online and literary community
  10. Develop a devoted readership
  11. Help find and weigh in on new potential editors
  12. Work collaboratively and communicatively with other editors
    There you go.

    We remain at your service,

    Spoon Cafe Journal Editors


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