Alison finds words in dark bat singing brain-caves and where swallows' thick mud nests are breaking down barn-roofs. She lives near the ghost draining place of ancient coast range and sierra-bound sea. Mostly friend folk and occasional spoonfolk share her recorded writs, of which the frequency fluctuates.

Dave Seaman has previously published on Foliate Oak Online Literary Magazine and Slice Magazine. He lives in Central Illinois where he's studying for a degree in Journalism. He's happily married and shares a home with two dogs and three exotic birds. The friends he's made within our local writing group have been instrumental in helping him with his writing. He joined Spoon shortly after its inception in 1996. He wrote for the online story lists Banyan Tree and Espresso-Fiction off and on over the past decade. Lots of old timey chat room friends from drunken evenings long past.

Douglas Fresshh (dfresh) is currently on sabbatical from his life as an edukator of our Youth.  He recently returned from an overland trip to southern Mexico by bus to set up residence in the grim fantastical beatific city of New Orleans, known in professional football/anarkist circles as "The Who Dat Nation."  His shadow puppets continue to follow him as well as their stories.  His dayz of listening to birds & frogs in his former residence of Santa Cruz have been replaced by the neighbor's rap music & Fox news updates & brass bands & people in all sorts of body-painted frozen costumed street performance.

Evil Jen is the bizarro world doppelganger of the Other Jen. The Other Jen lives in Berkeley with a cat and a magical, little imp. Evil Jen likes to write highly embellished stories about family, love, and loss that often include Other Jen without her permission. Both Jen's are originally from Santa Cruz, where all Jens will live at some point in their lives. Evil Jen has been a member of Spoon since the salad days of the late oughts.

Jake (flachrattenmann) crafts poetry and writes fiction short and long in English and German. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Though involved with various ambitious literary projects, taking part in poetry slams and online writing communities, he remains to this day unpublished in print.  He is new to The Spoon.

Julie Anna: Encouraged by a first place ribbon in a DAR poetry contest at an impressionable age, Julie Anna has been writing stories and poems about her life and adventures most of her life, seeking--and finding--universality, poignancy, and astonishing beauty in the everyday moments in which a life is lived. Julie is a computer programmer who lives, gardens, runs, makes art, practices mindfullness, and raises two sons in Bloomington, Indiana. She has written for online journals for the past 15 years and is better known for her pies than for her writing.

Lara Messersmith-Glavin lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. She is an educator, an artists' model, an activist, and a martial artist. She is also the managing editor of Alltopia Antholozine, a nonfiction literary journal, and is on the editorial collective for Perspectives on Anarchist Theory magazine, the journal of the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

Laura Hicks (Wolfie) is a homeschooling mother of two who, when not schooling, transporting, feeding, or cleaning up after her family, occasionally has time to write. She has never been published and has no aspirations to write the great American novel. Her writing is more like journaling than storytelling, though occasionally a dream story creeps in. Someday she hopes to be a millionaire and pay someone else to do all her daily chores so she can read and write all day long with no interruptions. She has written for Banyan Tree, and has been a member of the Spoon since 1996.

Laurel Carlsen lives and writes from the periphery, in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Soon she will be splitting her time between Alaska and Appalachia. Laurel has contributed to the Spoon for a year and two of her poems were recently published in a local anthology of poetry.

Raven Choate pushes paper for the man by day and creates revolutions by moon (sometimes only in her head). Raven prefers being alone at the beach reading and contributing to obscure rags. Her mother is half Mississippi Choctaw and half Italian, her father is Mexican American. She is an advocate of facilitating art/writing as a tool to create social change and sustainable self reliant interdependent communities without government bondage.

Wes Modes is an artist and high-tech runaway. In various lives, he is a sculptor, writer, performer, artist, and mischief-maker.  Current projects include Guerilla Drive-In, SubRosa Infoshop, and Hackbloc Santa Cruz.  He has taught Free Skool classes on a variety of subjects, including Taoism, writing, tree house carpentry, outdoor survival, and Indonesian monkey chant. His art is online at  He has been a contributor and editor of the Spoon Cafe Journal since 1996.


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