If I go and you remain...

By jenn

[cue lights]

There's a planet to the left of the moon and on some nights, like all the stars, it seems almost close enough to touch.

There are other worlds, but that is all so far away and really I only have this one to live in and to hold. And while sometimes I think it is too late for us, sometimes I am so filled with the life of this place that it threatens to shatter me into pieces.

And that is how I love you, my friends, in such a way that my body can't contain it. I can feel every cell, every molecule and there isn't enough space for all of them in this world and no one has yet written a song that can hold those vibrations. But when they do, I will sing at the top of my lungs while we dance together.

[cue music]

There's a sense of urgency in the room, a feeling that life is fragile, that sometimes friends leave when least expected. I want to spend time with you in a world where there is so little time left. We clasp hands, we stare into eyes, we hope there will be a next time. We try not to take life for granted.

But the world seems like it spins faster and faster, days passing in a blink, shorter the more of them you live. And we live full lives that cannot be contained by calendars. Will you still be around when I make room for you in my life?

If I go before you, read a poem for me and return me to the sea that has called me for so long.

In the meantime, let me read a poem to you and then let's jump in the sea that has called us for so long.


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