Two pair of dreams

Two nights of unusual, thematic dreams. Each night, a different theme.

Night before last, I dreamt two police interactions. In the first which I don't remember well, I had a confrontation with a rent-a-cop who was trying to control me. I wouldn't be controlled. In the second which I remember well, a traffic stop on a freeway, a woman cop comes out of her car with her gun drawn, a lazer sight pointed at my chest. I was alert and careful, but not scared. I forget what she wanted me to do, but I said, "Look, I used to work at the company on your shirt," and indeed she was wearing a white Interwoven shirt. She immediately eased up and started asking, "Do you know so-and-so," until eventually we were old pals. Weird.

Last night, a pair of erotic dreams. In the first, I was caressing and kissing K---. It was so sexy. It was very real seeming. In the second, I was talking to M---. Kissing her? There was some discussion of a "flip." The moment when you are with a friend and suddenly realize you are in love with them -- the flip. It was warm and affectionate and deeply loving, quite different from how it's felt with her for months. It felt mutual and satisfying. Maybe there wasn't anything directly erotic, but it felt erotic or romantic or something.

It was like I fell in love in a dream and then woke up with that fresh taste in my mouth.


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