Spoon?  I hope you'll contribute something to prove (mostly to me) that this isn't just my blog.  Care to?  As a larger question, will it even work as a way to share stories?  I have no idea.  An experiment.

But then the original spoon, was a sort of experiment too.  Would it work?  We had no idea.  Would anyone want to share stories like this, across the wires?  Four years later, after nearly 3000 editions of the Spoon Digest, 36 thousand stories, 14 million words, and 88 million characters, we had to admit that yep, I guess yeah, it might work okay.

In the eight years since we closed the doors of the Spoon, I've been thinking there was a kind of creative hole in my life. A certain missing something.  A creative spark that was missing.  Maybe it was the Spoon.  Maybe it was something else.  We'll see, I guess.  An experiment.  I hope you'll try with me.

The Spoon


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