Some very good lists of online literary magazines and journals are:
  • EWR's Best Online Literary Magazines
    Every Writer's Resource list of the 20 best online literary magazines."  These journals do not have a counter part that is consistently published in the real world. "All of the magazines on this list are outstanding. They are all worth reading, submitting your work to, supporting with a donation."
  • Ranked List of Online Literary Journals
    "If you’re a literary agent looking for where to find the most respected writers in the online community, or if you’re a reader looking for a short list of sites to visit to read the best online fiction, then I present to you, the Thinksimian Top 15 Online Literary Journals"  (alternate)
  • Million Writers Award
    StorySouth’s list of this year’s one hundred notable stories published in online literary journals. From this list of notables, the Million Writers Award designates a Top 10 list and each year selects one single winner from that Top 10.
  • The NewPages Big List of Literary Magazines
    A listing of Fiction, Poetry and Creative Nonfiction magazines online, including reviews.Self proclaimed to be, "The most up-to-date and reliable lists of literary magazines on the web."
  • LitLine Online Journals
    A website for the independent literary community.  Also, home to the Spoon River Poetry Review.  How ’bout that?
  •  Great Online Literary Magazines
    According to Kristin O'Toole writing for Esquire's Books Blog.  "A selection of some of the best, publications that feature fancy important writers and exciting new ones.  They take risks, they surprise and satisfy, they’re free and they don’t kill trees. The future is already happening, you just need to stop ignoring it."
  • Spencer Selby’s List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines
    A list of experimental poetry and art publications.  "Content is based solely on the research and judgments of Spencer Selby."  I like that.
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